The summer is here, and you’re excited to finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of for months. No matter your plans, either traveling with loved relatives or friends or even enjoying your first worldly expedition as first-time couple, good preparation is always the key a good time abroad

But what does this preparation involve? Well, depending on who you are and what your specific needs may be, your vacation preparation may require different habits and practices compared to others you know. For instance, if you have a medical condition, then ensuring you have the right medications to hand and that your travel health insurance is valid will be key.

For those who experience hearing loss or wish to care for their hearing, a few more preparations may be required. This way, you’ll reduce the harm involved with exposure to noisy environments, or you may be able to plan your activities around that sensitivity.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few quick tips and tricks you can use to protect your ears while on vacation.

Prepare a Hearing Travel Pack

For those who have hearing or ear conditions to manage, bringing along a simple pack of products can be helpful. This may include spare batteries for a hearing aid, a hearing aid cleanser and a hard-shell case for any medical equipment we need.

In addition to this, it may be helpful to bring along memory foam earplugs. This way, sleeping even in the midst of a noisy hotel environment or to simply sleep your way through the noisy commute can be key. Noise-canceling headphones can also serve a similar purpose. Sucking on a hard sweet or chewing gum can also be a good way to offset our eustachian tube popping when the air pressure on flight changes.

Be Mindful of Where You Swim and Your Local Amenities

Swimming in dirty water can expose your inner ear to a whole host of bacteria and even under-chlorinated pools can also provide the same result. Sometimes, this is known as swimmers’ ear which is a particularly uncomfortable infection that can affect your balance and potentially cause long-term damage if it’s not treated.

Be careful what bodies of water you dive into while abroad, and make sure that you clean your ears carefully.

Plan Around the Noisy Events

You’re probably not going to be able to avoid loud environments when abroad, for some this may require more preparation than others. With loud restaurants, tourist traps and of course, the hustle and bustle of daily life, even seemingly beautiful and well-kept areas may still offer noise pollution. If hoping to protect your hearing normally, it can be that you make sure to stay away from any intensive speaker systems, and that you try to attend shows where you can move back into the crowd if the volume is too much.

For some, bringing additional hearing protection can be key at these times. There’s no shame in wearing these, especially at festivals or large gatherings where you may need some more help. For those with additional needs, utilizing the disabled provisions provided, be that in a separate area or simply to access easier exit pathways can be helpful.

Of course, those that may be truly concerned about their hearing will be best aided by an understanding friend or relative to help them navigate the environment or make alternate plans on the fly if they need to.

Visit an Audiologist

If you feel as though your hearing condition has been unaddressed this far, then the best way to prepare for your vacation is to make sure you receive the proper diagnosis and a recommended pathway of treatment.

The best audiologist service, such as The Hearing Clinic at Woodlake, can be a great place to get started. With a quick hearing survey, we help you understand if you may need further medical support. Our guide to hearing aids is a fantastic resource that helps you understand your possible options, but we’d love to speak to you and discuss your options through and through.

This way, those who may experience hearing loss and especially the elderly can prepare for their vacation with peace of mind. Why not contact us today? We’d love to speak with you and possibly help you prepare for your summer festivities from an audiologist’s point of view. Alternatively, please call us today at 612-200-8414!

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