Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are powered by batteries that are either rechargeable or replaceable. No matter what kind of hearing aid battery your devices use, here’s the information you need to know about using hearing aid batteries.

Rechargeable batteries

More and more people are opting for the freedom of rechargeable batteries. Brands like ReSound and Starkey offer hearing aids with batteries that can fully charge in as little as three hours. Battery life is longer than ever. Even when using Bluetooth technology to stream from your television or smartphone, you still get all the power you need to make it through the day.
If you have dexterity or vision issues that make handling small batteries or opening and closing the battery door difficult, hearing aids with rechargeable batteries may be the solution for you.

Disposable hearing aid batteries

Disposable hearing aid batteries use zinc-air technology for the longest-life possible in a small battery. Oxygen from the air reacts with the zinc molecules in the battery to create the electric charge to operate your hearing aids. Because these batteries are not activated until their protective strip is removed and they are exposed to air, they are shelf-stable and have a long shelf life.

Hearing aid battery sizes

Different hearing aids have different needs for power. As a rule of thumb, the larger and more powerful the hearing aid, the larger and more powerful the battery it requires.
No matter the brand of hearing aid you own, it will use one of four sizes. The sizes are differentiated by number and color as follows:

  • Size 10 – Yellow
  • Size 312 – Brown
  • Size 13 – Orange
  • Size 675 – Blue

During your hearing aid fitting, the audiologists at The Hearing Clinic of Woodlake will tell you what size hearing aid batteries you need and show you how to insert and remove the batteries. You can always depend on The Hearing Clinic of Woodlake to have a fresh supply of replacement hearing aid batteries on hand for your convenience.

Battery life

Most people get about a week from their hearing aid batteries. Your replacement schedule will depend on:

  • The style of hearing aid you wear
  • How many hours a day you wear your hearing aids
  • Your usual hearing environments
  • The number and type of accessories you use
  • The severity of your hearing loss.

Keep in mind, the more functions you need your hearing aids to complete, the more power it requires. It’s always a good idea to keep fresh batteries on hand. Wait 3-5 minutes after removing the tab before enclosing battery in hearing aid to allow maximum battery life