Our Professional Staff

We look forward to meeting you!  Our knowledgeable, friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have.  Our goal is to help you wade through the many options you have to help improve quality of life through better hearing.  With almost 50 years combined experience, our team is dedicated to simplifying what can be a daunting task - to learn about how best to treat hearing loss at the most affordable price possible.

We will spend all the time you need to better understand hearing loss and the choices you have:

  • Explore the types of hearing loss
  • Learn about your specific needs 
  • Discuss hearing aid options
  • Simply try a pair of hearing aids out to see what a difference they can make
  • Discuss financing options

We also are committed to helping others less fortunate than many of us, allowing for significant time for donated care all around the globe.  Each of our team members have traveled the world as well as our own United States to help people learn more about their hearing loss and to explore the many options now available to us.

Come to the clinic for access to more advanced and specific testing requirements, or just a simple discussion.  We'd love to meet you, the time you spend with us will be well worth your effort!


Dr. Judy A. DeMorest, FAAA, CCC-A

Dr. Judy A. DeMorest, FAAA, CCC-A
Board Certified Audiologist

Dr. DeMorest has been practicing Audiology for over 30 years. She received her Doctor of Audiology degree from The Arizona School of Health Sciences. In addition, Dr DeMorest received both her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Communication Disorders/Audiology from the University of Northern Colorado. She is Board Certified in Audiology by the American Academy of Audiology and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Dr DeMorest is also a member of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology. Throughout her career, Dr. DeMorest has worked in a variety of environments ranging from ENT offices to hospitals to the University setting. Each of these settings have provided extensive experience in fitting amplification (hearing aids) as well as other assistive devices and many other aspects of audiology. Dr. DeMorest participates in continuing education courses so as to keep informed of any and all advancements in the field of Audiology and hearing aids. After living in Texas for many years, Dr. DeMorest enjoys being back in the cooler Minnesota weather. She enjoys the outdoors with her husband and their black Labrador. She also likes spending time reading, hiking, biking, going to the theater, and visits from her son who still resides in Texas.  Dr. DeMorest has been on several multi-specialty medical mission trips to Guatemala with the Faith in Practice organization.

Dr. Martha Takata

Dr. Martha Takata

Dr. Takata inherited a hearing loss from her father, where she was hearing fine until middle age, and then began to experience difficulties. After getting hearing aids at age 50, she became so interested in the subject that she decided to go back to school to become an audiologist. It took five years of grad school at the University of Minnesota to earn her Doctor of Audiology (AuD), but it was worth it! She has spent five years with In-House Senior Services, and loves travelling the state, helping hundreds of seniors hear better and get back into the conversation. Dr. Takata and her husband are almost done raising seven children and also have seven grandchildren (so far!) She has done three hearing mission trips to Africa (Burkina Faso) and has a strong interest in Japan and the Japanese language. Her favorite thing to do is canoeing and camping in the Boundary Waters.