The truth is that many people who have concerns about their hearing, tend to ignore some of the common warning signs.  The Center for Hearing and Communication tells us that 48 million people in the U.S. alone have some degree of hearing loss. With this number rising each year it is more important than ever to bring attention to the importance of hearing health.

The American Academy of Audiology has designated October as National Audiology Awareness Month.  The goal is to increase public awareness and educated the public on how to pursue successful treatment for hearing loss.  It also brings attention to the important role that a board-certified audiologist plays in receiving the proper care and treatment for hearing loss. Our Audiologists are highly trained to perform comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations, diagnose hearing loss, and provide the best treatment and solutions for those who do have a hearing loss.

Research shows that untreated hearing loss is linked to many other health related conditions and suggests a strong connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Make your hearing health a priority this month and get it tested, this is especially important for individuals who are over that age of 60 and have had concerns. If you or someone you love is experiencing trouble hearing, visit a licensed audiologist who can help you assess and treat any hearing loss discovered.

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