One of the most important things that you can do for your health is to be ahead of it. Whether we’re talking about your hearing health or a blister on your left toe, you need to be ahead of any issues that can prevent you from being as healthy as possible. After all, prevention is better than a cure and the earlier you can prevent hearing loss, the better.

With the right hearing help from an audiologist, you can ensure that you are on top of your hearing and you can improve your quality of life as a result. You may already know that all you need is a simple hearing test regularly to check and ensure that your hearing is working at an optimum level, but your audiologist will be able to confirm with you what you need to keep you able to communicate with the world around you. 

Having your hearing tested early will make a huge difference to the way that you live your day-to-day life. We’ve got some of the best reasons why early hearing testing matters. Let’s dive in!

The Risk of Falls

When you don't have your hearing tested regularly with an expert audiologist, you are putting yourself at risk of falls. Falling over can cause more injuries than you think and those with mild hearing loss are three times more likely to report a fall than those with normal hearing. Your hearing can help you to maintain good balance, and when your hearing is impaired, you are at risk of falling and other injuries. A hearing test performed early enough can prevent this from happening.

A Healthy Brain

Did you know your brain plays a big part in your ability to hear? Hearing loss takes a huge toll on your brain and hearing loss and dementia are linked because of this. Hearing loss can lead to much faster brain atrophy, and this also leads to the early onset of other major cognitive decline. You're even at risk of dementia by five times more and yet with the use of a hearing aid, you can slow the risk of age-related decline by up to 75%!

Avoiding Depression

Of course, depression is not solely related to hearing loss; there are many reasons that people feel depressed. However, when your hearing is compromised, you’re over 50% more likely to develop depression than if your hearing is at a normal level. The risks of depression come with the increased risk of social isolation and you can avoid this with a regular hearing test with an expert audiologist.

Lowering Medical Costs

Most people are not aware that there is a link between untreated hearing loss and high medical costs, but it’s true. Normal household earnings can take a massive hit with hearing loss, but the cost of hearing aids can help you to avoid all those other costs and bring your overall medical costs right down. Taking the time to understand how a hearing aid can help your medical bills will help to encourage you to get the hearing test you know you need but have been avoiding. There are good ways to save money and looking after your hearing health is one of those ways to do it.

The Impact on Children

It’s not just adults that need to have hearing tests as early as possible. The impact of hearing loss on children affects them beyond the emotional and physical, but the implications can mean that their academic and social lives are affected. Their communication development can also become slow when their hearing is affected. Hearing loss in just one ear can affect their friendships and their grades, but early intervention can make a big difference in their future at school. It can also make a difference in their overall quality of life, and it all starts with a simple hearing test.

Future Relationships

Unaddressed hearing loss can affect business relationships and social relationships, with those with hearing loss more likely to deal with isolation and social issues. When you are treated early enough for hearing loss, you can see the huge improvements in your social life and the relationships that you have with family. 

Getting Help Today

The best thing that you can do for your hearing health today is to book an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test. You can learn more about The Hearing Clinic at Woodlake, too, and how the experts here can help. All you need to do is call us today at 612-200-8414 and get booked in today!