An audiologist is a qualified professional who is trained to diagnose and treat conditions that involve hearing and balance. If you are having problems with your ears or you are feeling dizzy, it’s recommended that you book an appointment with an audiologist who will be able to help diagnose and treat your condition and help you find ways to it. Here are some of the common conditions that an audiologist will be able to treat. 

Hearing loss

If you experience any hearing loss, it is vital that you get your ears checked out by an audiologist right away as they are very delicate. People of all ages can experience hearing loss, whether it has been happening for a while because of aging, or if you have just noticed a sudden issue with your hearing. 

Seeking treatment from an audiologist is the best way to deal with a hearing problem. The audiologist will evaluate your condition and will be able to advise you on the most suitable treatment. They will also be able to help you understand how to use any hearing equipment or tools you may need to help treat your condition. 


If you hear a ringing in your ears continuously, then it could be tinnitus and you should book an appointment with an audiologist so they can diagnose it and help to find a solution. Tinnitus can be extremely frustrating and it can be the result of another condition. If you have been exposed to a loud noise, for example, then you may have damaged the small hairs in your inner ear and the tinnitus you are experiencing could be a symptom of this. 

When you have an undiagnosed hearing loss, you may notice signs of tinnitus when you are in quiet surroundings. In this instance, a hearing aid may be beneficial, or a masking device may be required to help tune out the ringing. An audiologist may also suggest medication or therapy.

Balance disorders

An audiologist specializes in problems relating to the ear and the root cause of balance disorders is always found in the inner ear. If you experience any type of balance disorder such as vertigo, dizziness, or lightheadedness, then it can be treated by an audiologist. They will run some tests on you which will help them diagnose the condition and be able to suggest a suitable treatment. 

It’s unlikely that a balance disorder will cause symptoms relating to your ear. Instead, you may feel faint, unsteady, confused, and you may experience a change in your vision. Try not to let these symptoms persist and book an appointment with an audiologist. 

Earwax impaction

Although earwax helps keep your ears clean, in good condition, and free from infection, too much of it can end up causing you problems. Most people will experience earwax impaction at some point and it can be uncomfortable and cause a blockage in your ear. The blockage can become hard and may need help from an audiologist to get it out. 

Your audiologist may give you an earwax removal kit which is designed to help soften the wax, allowing it to pass naturally on its own. Should the earwax removal kit fail to work, the audiologist will attempt to remove the wax manually. They will use suction or irrigation to remove the wax, and your audiologist needs to perform this to ensure the wax is removed safely and no further damage is caused. 

Ear infection

Ear infections are more common among children but they can affect people of all ages. They can be painful, uncomfortable, and can even result in temporary hearing loss. You may experience pain in your ear and neck, swelling, balance issues or dizziness. 
An audiologist can recommend over-the-counter medication to help relieve pain, as well as monitor you on any ramifications this infection may have on your ability to hear. Most ear infections result in temporary hearing loss, which will be remedied once the infection is cleared. 
These are just five common reasons that you may need to visit an audiologist. If you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned above or any other symptoms that affect your hearing or balance, then you should seek treatment for it right away. Contact The Hearing Clinic at Woodlake today at 612-200-8414 for more information. We’ll be able to book you an appointment to visit one of our audiologists and help treat your condition.