In the same way that you need to undergo other routine health tests, such as eye exams, having your hearing function assessed is essential to maintaining good health. To gain a deeper understanding of why hearing tests are important, take a look at the benefits routine hearing tests can offer.

Identifying health issues

If you develop hearing loss, you may not notice the symptoms straight away. Many types of hearing loss occur gradually, so it may be some time until you notice a change in your hearing function. 

By visiting an audiologist and having your hearing tested, any hearing loss or hearing problems can be identified quickly. In some cases, the cause of your hearing problems may mean that your hearing loss can be resolved, and your hearing function restored. 

If your hearing loss is permanent, your audiologist will be able to confirm what type of hearing loss you have and how severe it is. This is critical to preventing further damage and enhancing your auditory experience. 

Hearing loss can be caused by various factors, such as aging or exposure to loud noise. However, hearing loss can also arise because of underlying health problems. When assessing your hearing function, your audiologist may uncover a health issue you were unaware of, which will give you the opportunity to obtain further advice and treatment. 

Preventing hearing loss

When your hearing is tested regularly, your audiologist can also help you to reduce your risk of experiencing hearing loss in the future. As well as carrying out a hearing test, your audiologist will ask you about your lifestyle. If there are any risk factors associated with hearing loss, such as working in a noisy environment, your audiologist can provide advice and practical help to minimize the risk of damage to your hearing. 

You may be unaware that your hearing function is being damaged over time but wearing hearing protection could prevent future hearing loss. Of course, it’s beneficial to use hearing protection that has been prescribed by your audiologist. As this offers the best level of protection, you’ll find that visiting your audiologist regularly will help you to protect your hearing function and prevent hearing loss. 

Getting the right treatment

Routine hearing tests don’t just ensure that you receive the right diagnosis, they’re critical to getting the appropriate treatment too. If your hearing problems are treatable, your audiologist will arrange for the right treatment to be carried out. Alternatively, your audiologist will work with you to reduce the symptoms of your hearing problems and improve your auditory experience. 

Although some types of hearing loss can’t be cured, wearing a hearing device can significantly enhance your hearing function. Finding the right hearing aids depends on the type of hearing loss you’re experiencing, so it’s vital to get professional advice. With a range of hearing devices available, your audiologist will explain the range of features that could help to enhance your hearing function. 

Monitoring changes

Generally, our hearing function changes over time. Age-related hearing loss is extremely common, so you may find that your hearing function decreases as you get older. A regular hearing test ensures that you are aware of any changes in your hearing function and highlights any unexpected changes. 

With the results of your hearing test, your audiologist can arrange for further investigations to identify the cause of unexpected changes in your hearing function. If you already wear hearing aids or use hearing devices, your audiologist can also adjust the settings based on the results of your hearing test. This will ensure you get the best possible auditory experience and the most effective protection from subsequent damage to your hearing function. 

How often should you have a hearing test?

In most cases, it’s advisable to have a hearing test every three to five years between the ages of 18 and 50. For people over 60 years of age, an annual hearing test is usually recommended. If you have a high risk of experiencing hearing loss, from working in a loud environment, for example, you should have your hearing tested at least once a year. Similarly, if you already have hearing loss, annual hearing tests are recommended, regardless of your age. 

Your audiologist will provide tailored directions regarding the frequency of your hearing tests, so be sure to follow their advice. To learn more or to book a hearing test today, contact The Hearing Clinic at Woodlake now at 612-200-8414.