Earplugs are used by many people for a number of different reasons. We know them best as foam plugs that slot into the ear canal and provide a relief from loud sounds. They do provide protection for the ear, though there are also custom earplugs that can be used – but how effective are they? 

An earplug is inserted into the ear canal, which will lessen the loud noises and create a softer sound in the ear. They can be used in numerous situations such as loud concerts, planes, swimming or at work if operating loud machinery. They will stop any foreign bodies entering the ear as well as reducing the pressure that may come from wind or plane pressure. They work to reduce the sound volume in the ear and block out unwanted noise. They may be used as a type of treatment for tinnitus

Earplugs may be made from numerous types of materials, which include polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, a type of memory foam. They can be squeezed and molded to fit the ear but they do not provide a seal that will lock in the earplug. That is why custom earplugs may provide a greater solution to you, especially if you already use earplugs in your day to day life. 

What does a custom earplug do?

A custom earplug is a tailor-made earplug which is created by an audiologist and can help with hearing protection. They will take accurate impressions of your ear; then the samples are sent off to a lab to be created into your own personalized earplug. They fit snugly into the ear, providing a full protection, nothing can penetrate them and they will block all unwanted sounds. They are incredibly comfortable and effective and will diminish any pressure in the ear as well as feel natural in the ear. This is because they are created by soft silicone or acrylic which is very soft and natural for the human skin and they do not need to be removed when eating or talking, as they fit into the ear so well. 

Will custom earplugs be beneficial to me?

Most likely they will give you a big helping hand and save you money and energy in the long term. Once created, they will last much longer than standard earplugs and the materials used to create them are long lasting and durable. Standard earplugs cannot fully protect the ears 100% because they are a one-size-fits-all solution that isn’t always beneficial to every single person. Custom earplugs will effectively block out the sound as well as protect the ear, in addition to giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

What special features do custom made earplugs have that regular ones do not? 

Custom earplugs are not just easy to wear and fully protective but they also offer specific filters that will diminish noise reduction to be incredibly precise. They will certainly feel much more comfortable to you and fit your lifestyle easier, whether that’s due to the fit of them or the style and color, you will be able to make the most out of your earplugs this way. 

Earplugs are worn by numerous people, and not just those who have hearing loss. They can be used in multiple scenarios, and it is recommended by audiologists that you use earplugs at music concerns due to the exposure of loud sounds. They make a great investment, and can also be used by workers operating louder machinery, musicians, swimmers and people experiencing tinnitus. 

They can prevent further damage in the ear as well as stopping any type of infection caused by long term swimming. You do not have to wear your earplugs all the time, it is recommended that you remove them during the night to allow your ears respite and to allow wax to leave the ear naturally. It will be best to talk to your audiologist with any questions relating to how it is best to wear them as well as the options available to you for custom earplugs. Protect your ears and your hearing, it is a vital preventative step and treatment for many types of hearing issues. 

For more information on custom earplugs you can contact The Hearing Clinic at Woodlake by calling 612-200-8414 to discuss the best type of earplugs for your specific needs.